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  1. Mr. Ankur Gaba
  2. Ms. Richa Arora
  3. Mr. Gurjeet Singh Walia
  4. Mr. Puneet Mehta


Mr. Ankur Gaba

Mr. Ankur Gaba, aged 40 years, is the Promoter and Business Development Head of our Company. He takes overall care of the functional attributes of the company. He leads the company with his extensive experience of 20 years in the financial industry. He continuously invests in enriching his business knowledge not only through his active involvement in the company. He has been associated with the Company since its inception as promoter. He is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. He strongly believes stream lining processes and prioritizing people and customers are the keys to success in today's digital world.

Ms. Richa Arora

Ms. Richa Arora, aged 38 years, is the Promoter Director and Chief Financial Officer of our Company. She has an experience of 14 years as board of director who prioritizes results, is self-driven and resourceful and has a track record of building management teams to increase productivity and profitability. experienced in developing all business areas to make it a vibrant and forward-thinking corporation. able to build profitable and longlasting connections with stakeholders around the globe while having exceptional communication abilities. She has performed a variety of high-level administrative tasks, which include budget preparation, travel arrangements and meeting, scheduling, and reporting and tracking information for senior management.

Mr. Gurjeet Singh Walia

Mr. Gurjeet Singh Walia , aged 44 years, is the Promoter & Director of Our Company. He has 14 years of experience in managing both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, he has experience in developing strategic and business plans, has thorough knowledge of market changes and forces that influence the company, Strong understanding of corporate finance and measures of performance and is Familiar with corporate law and management best practices and has Excellent organizational, leadership, communication, interpersonal and presentation skills..

Mr. Puneet Mehta

Mr. Puneet Mehta, aged 40 years is the Promoter and Non-executive Director of our Company. He holds certificate in Computer Application from NIT. A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful managing director with proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximize company profitability and efficiency. Experienced leading and growing all sectors of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organization. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the world. He has Strong leadership skills in board governance, new business development comprehensive understanding of financial management principles and excellent management skills.


  1. Ms. Priyanka Dutta

    She is highly experienced board director with 15 years of experience in leading non-profit as well as for-profit organizations. She has strong knowledge of governing bylaws and how to implement company procedures. Successful motivator who brings a good attitude to every meeting. She is Proficient in software related to running a company, including accounting software, analytical software, and database user interface and query software and has Strong knowledge of administration and management as well as human resources, including strategic planning, leadership techniques, personnel recruitment, and compensation and benefits policies.

  2. Mr. Rajat Arora

    He is a qualified Hotel Management Diploma Holder. He is the Business Development Head of Akiko Global Services Limited since 2 19. He having rich experience in financial sector and has expertise in Business Management, Finance, Audit, etc., started his career in AR Credit as a Business Analyst in 2002 and has also been a Business Manager in GENX (Also known as Generation Expert BPO).During his 5-year career with Akiko Global Service Limited and its predecessor companies and affiliates, he served in numerous operations and business development roles. He sets and evolves the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of offerings, while nurturing a strong leadership team to drive its execution. He is also instrumental in preparing growth strategies of the Company. He has been devoting his entire time, efforts and energy to develop the Company in all aspects including business planning and analysis of future competition and threats at Global level.