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Terms And Conditions

Consumer Consent for accessing Consumer Credit Information Report (CIR)

I hereby appoint Akiko Global Services Pvt Ltd_ (hereinafter referred as "Company"). having its registered office at Office No. 8/4D, 11 Floor Vishwadeep Building, District Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi - 110058, as my lawful agent to receive my credit report/credit history ("Credit Information") from Credit Information Companies ("CICs*). I further authorize the Company to share with CICs, my personal information/details to procure my Credit Information on a monthly frequency and use the same to provide me with Loan service ("Purpose"). understand and acknowledge that the CIC shall not be liable under law or equity, in any manner whatsoever, for providing my Credit Information to the Company and I will not raise any claim or objections against the CIC. I confirm that this consent is given by my free will and not due to any solicitation by any person/entity. This consent/authorization shall be valid for (i) a maximum period of 06 (six) months, from the date of giving the same, (i) satisfying the Purpose or (ill) until I withdraw my consent at any time, by informing the same to the Company, at their registered office address, website, assigned email id or mobile application, whichever is earlier. I also consent to the CRIF High Mark Credit Score Terms of Use.

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